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  ZEAL Version 5.1 release 2 .. 2562 

With Version 5.1 : We add new interface for attach document in Work Request.

  ZEAL Version 5 release 5 .. 2558 

ZEAL Version 5 come with new user-interface and support Windows 8 both 32 and 64 bits.

  ZEAL Version 2008 release 15 .. 2551 

In ZEAL release 2008 was designed to support enhance user. One of new feature is it makes requester can get latest status from maintenance. Now production data can input into ZEAL to make report that need information from production such as OEE, Maintenance Cost per Production Unit, etc.

  ZEAL new version release. 25 .. 2547 

ZEAL V.2005 is released. The lastest version add many new functions. (Contact customer service for more information) It is the first time that ZEAL can support many version of database to make comfortable for customer to maintain.

  ZEAL Smart, Intelligent and Friendly. 4 .. 2547 

ZEAL Ϳ Ѻкçҹا (CMMS Ϳ : PM Ϳ + Ϳþʴ 褧ѧ ZEAL ١͡ẺѺءдѺ Ϳ CMMS ҡ͹ ö

  ZEAL Smart, Intelligent and Friendly. 3 .. 2547 

ZEAL is Maintenance Software (CMMS Software : PM Software + Sparepart Inventory Software). ZEAL was designed for users who never use CMMS software before. ZEAL has many intelligent modules to warning user when critical event happen such as PM overdue or Work Request Issued. ZEAL support double language. Standard language is English and Thai.

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